AT HOCKEY ACADEMY Is the experience, skill, the latest techniques professionals for young hockey players. We believe that a Strong not born Strong become. Everything is possible! The impossible just takes more time. Our team aims to help each child to establish itself not only in hockey but in life. The individuality of each player, the training process, the education, the result is the basis of our philosophy. Intensive training is conducted in an atmosphere of constant support, motivation, responsibility, respect and enthusiasm. Athletes strive towards their goals with full support for coaches!

Our players and instilled discipline, performance, team spirit, respect for others, independence and striving for constant development and progress. Also they will have the opportunity to learn the skills of leadership, team approach and personal responsibility.

Our philosophy is that we take into account the individual characteristics of the players and strive to establish the hockey Foundation for further success. Goalkeepers will be an additional training the work. The workouts are intense and high speed, to continuously simulate game situations and to facilitate dynamic growth of players. Also, players will develop their character, commitment, team spirit, ability to overcome difficulties and daily striving for the best results.

Appeal to the Young hockey player
from coaches AT HOCKEY ACADEMY :

Dear friend, if you want to succeed in hockey, you need to understand the most important thing: playing sports, primarily labor, persistent and systematic. Hockey is a complex game, need a few years of hard work, you have to pass a long way of successes and failures, victories and defeats. Without perseverance, patience, without full-time commitment in the sport which will achieve little. Given by nature, it is necessary to develop resistant, regular exercise. In the development of athletic talent is only 10 percent and 90 percent must be hard work. Talent without hard work, over time, turn into the unopened, unrealized talent. Some understand this truth too late, when time has passed. So the first advice to you: “do Not lose precious time, which is allotted to the acquisition of skills and development of physical qualities. In childhood and youth easy to pick up any movement, a variety of techniques”. It seems that so much time and you can still make it. In fact, the age of a sportsman is short, and time goes by so fast. A true athlete to always strive for excellence. If with age rates of speed, quickness, agility, flexibility and reduced need to be maintained at the proper level, to improve skill and game thinking is endless. FOR IMPROVEMENT THERE IS NO LIMIT. You should always go forward, to set ourselves new goals, targets and try to achieve them.

Young athletes Mature earlier than their peers. Sports will require a more intense rhythm of life, autonomy and responsibility, the proper allocation of time in the mode of the day, to successfully learn in school and succeed in sport. Sport, like art, requires sacrifice, among which strict adherence to sport mode. You will have to abandon the many pleasures enjoyed by your peers. The main victory is victory over oneself. Sport should be a lifestyle: a necessity and a necessity of life. Character is nurtured, tempered by years of hard work. Such words as “do not want” and “won’t” have a true athlete, but there is the word “need”. SOW AN ACT – REAP A HABIT, SOW A HABIT AND REAP A CHARACTER. Try to always win. In games and in training. Do not accept defeat, do not give in to anyone, no training missions, no races, no mobile and sports games, even when playing checkers. So brought up the psychology of a winner. He is a bad sportsman who does not want to win. Great successes in sports athletes seeking hardworking and motivated, which is not defeated and always strive to be first. Loss they do not accept. There are no teams that never lose. Do not be ashamed, fighting to the end, to yield to the stronger, more prepared opponent. But you can not give up – EVER. It is especially important to be hardworking and dedicated for those young hockey players who dream of becoming professional players and to play at the highest level. If you will become a great hockey player, depends only on yourself. If you want to reach your goal every day should be at least a little to approach her. And ask yourself the question, and all I did today to enhance the skills and physical development. To teach technique, game thinking and game understanding is impossible – it can be learned. And the more conscientiously you practice, the sooner you will learn to play and think on the field.


Tomilov Alexander,
the organizer and the head coach ATHA